Resume Format

All talent working with Global One Management must follow the standardized resume format. If you are unable to download this resume format or have any questions regarding your resume, please contact us.

Please Note This Format Will Only Work In Microsoft Word

Click here to download the Resume Format for Los Angeles

Click here to download the Resume Format for Seattle

Instructions for downloading

1. Right click on your mouse.

2. Select “Save Target As" or “Save Location As"

Instructions for making chances on the resume

1. Select the box you need to change.

2. Highlight the information and type in your changes

3. Save your work.

4. Print a final copy and email or fax to the office for proofing.

5. Once approved, please STAPLE your resume on the back of your headshot on each corner, staples horizontal, flat end of the staple on the headshot side. Resume must be 8 x 10 size.